After a successful career in leadership, including more than a decade at the executive level; Michelle Grabicki founded Luminous Leadership Group. 

Michelle is passionate about helping people discover and reach their highest potential. Michelle experienced firsthand the extraordinary success a company experiences when employees feel cared for, invested in, and developed to be the best version of themselves in everything they do.

The vision for Luminous Leadership Group began in 2015 when as part of her own development, Michelle participated in a robust coaching certification program. She knew that she had found the line of work that would best utilize her talents. Through industry work and her volunteer involvement she saw a great need in small to mid-size organizations that may not have internal resources dedicated to leadership and employee development.

Michelle takes pride in guiding individuals and organizations in discovering their strengths and achieving their full potential.  By assessing the current state, she will partner with your company to develop and build a sustainable plan to help your organization outshine the competition.

Stacy Thetford is passionate about customer service. Customer service and trust is the most important thing in any business.  

 She believes  there are always issues and problems that come up in any business, but it’s how you handle them that makes you different.  When you have a problem, you own it, you deal with it, you turn it around. That’s really what makes a difference in excellent customer service. 
Stacy worked for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company in the 80’s & 90’s.  She then went on to be the President & Founder of Thetford Web Development, holding her team to the highest standards of excellence. After running a successful business with over 200 clients for 12 years and being heavily involved in her community, Stacy sold her business in 2017 and joined her husband in retirement.
Once again after a couple of years enjoying early retirement, Stacy was ready to join a new venture, which brought her to Luminous Leadership Group.