Executive Development Individual and Team


Strong leadership begins at the top. Identify strengths you can leverage, and opportunities to help you grow as a leader. Executive coaching is a valuable tool in helping your leadership team build and cultivate trust.

Executive Team Development

Communication is optimal when everyone has a common language. Engaging in executive development as a leadership team improves alignment and builds confidence throughout the organization.  Team development inclusive of monthly individual coaching is a solid investment in your success.

*Minimum 12-month engagement

Individual Executive Coaching

Individual coaching services are available for any number of leaders in your organization.

*Minimum 6-month engagement

Customized Leadership Development


How are leaders developed in your organization? After a comprehensive consultation, we can provide leadership development solutions for your company.

Leadership Development Courses

Luminous Leadership Group can provide leadership development and training services for your company as an outside provider.


Provide an assessment of leadership development needs and partner with your internal resources to create sustainable leadership programs for your company.

Culture Assessment and Employee Engagement


Employee engagement has a direct link to your bottom line. Let us partner with you to maximize employee engagement and nurture a strong culture.


Our consulting services will provide a thorough assessment of your current state and recommendations for how to ignite your culture and maximize employee engagement

Keynote Presentations


Keynote Presentations

Michelle Grabicki is a highly rated and engaging speaker. Book her for your next conference or event.


Facilitation services for your conference, symposium, or employee event.

Strategic Planning

Facilitation services for your strategic planning process.